Who are we?

Who are we?

At Alpes Travel we offer accommodation with a bespoke service approach in the Chamonix valley. Grown and run by enthusiasts who live and breath the mountains.


  • Sense of adventure – We believe that life should be adventurous, and that we can help everyone push their own boundaries.
  • Care/Responsibility – We have a genuine responsibility to our customers, employees and suppliers as well as our environment.
  • Integrity – We will always act with integrity and be honest with our customers, our employees and ourselves.
  • Environment – We will ensure we are aware of our environmental impact and challenge what we do in order to reduce it.
  • Innovation – We will always seek new ideas that enhance your customer experience and advance the business.


Our goal is to have a minimal environmental impact, and not risk future generations their possibility to experience the same adventures as we do. To the possible extent we will:

  • Choose partners, suppliers and sponsors engaged in environmental work. Our cleaning products are all natural and non-toxic. Our linen supplier is quality focussed and environmentally conscious. They are energy efficient and use professional soap products which are specifically designed to minimise any impact on the environment; their automatic dosage system minimises waste; and, they do not use plastics in the wrapping, delivery & collection of their linen.
  • Plan the transports well to avoid unnecessary trips by car. As a team and as much as possible, we cycle, run or car pool to work.
  • Show respect to the environment surrounding us and protect its natural and cultural values.
  • Follow up and evaluate these requirements while working and ensure that the organisation and all employees take responsibility and following these.
  • Constantly develop our own environmental work and try to make an impact on others.

We want to keep having adventures on this beautiful place called Earth and we want our children and their children to be able to do and see the same things as we do.