• Professional housekeeping
  • Routine inspections and annual reports
  • Professional concierge
  • Secure deposits


  • Flexible owner sales agreement
  • Highly experienced digital marketing team
  • Dynamic price management


  • Rental tax advice
  • Property administration assistance


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Why choose Alpes Travel?

Alpes Travel provides reliable and competitively priced property rental service in the Chamonix valley.

With over ten years of experience in the Chamonix rental market, the team will work with you to optimise rental income whilst keeping your property in good working order.

We will increase your rental revenue by:

- Maximising your listings visibility across 20+ online travel agents as well as through our own growing customer database.

- Designing and maintaining enticing profiles of your property using professional photography and attention to detail.

- Daily monitoring of your prices according to demand

- Achieving 5* reviews of your property through 24/7 professional and precise customer support

We will provide you with peace of mind through:

- Arranging professional and meticulous housekeeping and linen supply for the change over between guests or owner stays, as well as end of season deep cleans.

- Regular reports on property inspections and maintenance checks, and if needs ongoing support and advice on maintenance issues.

- Meet & Greets and key exchanged with guests, along with organising security deposits to ensure your property is well looked after.

- Organising hot tub maintenance, gardening or snow clearing.

- Additional property management for setting up utilities, attending co-property meetings and other issues

- Advice on rental income tax declarations in France

- Owner 'log ins' to view customer bookings, financial overviews and to block off owner stays. We do not restrict owner usage and it is possible apply discount codes for friends and family


There is no registration fee for the marketing of your property, you will only incure costs once the booking income is generated.

For the marketing, sale and management of a booking a commission of 20% is taken at source from the rental income. The balance of 80% is then transferred to the owner via BACS on the day of departure.

You will be invoiced monthly for linen, housekeeping + meet & greets in accordance with the bookings made, as well as for any owner stays. The rates can be found in the PDF attachment below.

We do however require consistent professional photography throughout our site so we ask that professional photographs are taken by our chosen photographer and paid for by the property owner. These photos remain the property of the owner.

How much can I expect to achieve in rental income?

The annual rental revenue of your property will depend on a number of factors such as location, size, how well it is appointed and how often it is used by the owner.

As such we like to view the property and get a better understanding of the owners intentions for the property before predicting potential rental revenue.

We use a system of dynamic pricing which means that we monitor prices daily and tweak them according to demand.

Additional information:

For information on registering your rental activity in France see attached pdf:

1 18 Short Term Furnished Rental Activity Jan 2018

Alpes Travel Sarl Charges 2021-2022

New owners PDF

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